Best Audio Editing Software for Windows like Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is one of the best apps out there for professional-level music editing features. But the only catch here is that Logic Pro X is only available on iOS devices and it doesn’t have a version for other devices. In this case, you can still download and use Logic Pro X on your Windows PC with the help of an emulator. Using an emulator for downloading Logic Pro X is a pretty good solution but the process isn’t necessarily easy. 

If you’re someone that doesn’t want to deal with any complexities and wants an easy solution to getting Logic Pro X on your PC, you should definitely try out the below alternatives. All of the below apps closely resemble Logic Pro X with the features and yet have a unique side for themselves. Now, let us take a look at some of the best Logic Pro X alternatives. 

Best Alternatives to Logic Pro X You must Try

1. Reaper 

Reaper is simply a perfect fit into this category, it has an amazingly high range of features that you can use to alter music to your liking. If you are someone that has used Logic Pro X before, then you’ll surely experience how similar Reaper feels. As with any possible DAW out there, Reaper can be a little tricky and confusing at first. But if you put in a little bit of effort and time you’ll end up mastering it pretty quickly. 

One problem that most people have with DAW’s is that most of them are quite expensive. Yes, they can be pretty costly but that’s not the case here. If you are new, you can use Reaper for free for the first 6 months. The pricing after that is how much you prefer to pay. You can even pay as little as $1 per month. 

In conclusion, Reaper is a good alternative for Logic Pro X, it performs most of the functions that Logic Pro X is capable of carrying out. This app will definitely not disappoint you and is worth a try. 

2. Cakewalk 

Cakewalk was once an expensive name in the DAW industry but after undergoing a few dramatic changes, it is now completely free for use and works just as efficiently as it used to. The overall performance of the app is on point and actually pretty good for a free platform. Cakewalk is best for those people who are willing to try out a DAW without having to pay any money. In the beginning times of your career in music, you may not have a lot of money on your hands so cakewalk is a good alternative to Logic Pro X in this case. 

You can also learn how to use a DAW with the help of free platforms like Cakewalk and then switch to a paid one after mastering the skill. This will save you the money you’ll have to spend on the DAW in your learning months. 

3. Pro Tools 

If you’re willing to have a deep dive into making music and want to try out something purely professional, Pro Tools is the right place for you. Taking a look at the previous years of the DAW industry, Pro Tools has had its hands on the first place for a really long time. It still holds its place among the best DAW’s but has been pushed back a little by the newer DAW’s. 

Regardless of the history, the app still has all the necessary features you’ll need to create and edit music according to your preference. The app surely doesn’t fail to give you a ‘made for professionals’ type of vibe. If you are an absolute beginner, Pro Tools has got a lot of stuff you have no idea about. It does take a hot minute for you to get used to the interface and the working style of the app. 

4. FL studio 

FL studio first started out as a budget option in DAW’s and rose to popularity from there. The app is easy to work with and an amazing alternative for Logic Pro X. But, if we talk about the similarity between FL studio and Logic Pro X, they are quite different from each other. With this out there, FL studio is a great app by itself but if you are looking for something similar to Logic Pro X then this might not be the best option. 

5. Adobe Audition 

Where do we even get started with this one, Adobe Audition allows you to do everything from making an amazing mix of different songs to editing, multitrack recording and much more. You can make edits on MP3 files without any issues. But, the only thing with Adobe Audition is that it is very expensive. You will have to pay anywhere from $20.99 to $239.88 per month based on the plan you choose to opt for. Though it offers wonderful features, spending nearly 200 dollars per month on it is not easy for beginners. But if you have the money Adobe Audition is a good alternative. 

6. Studio One 

With a single-screen interface consisting of every possible feature you’ll need, Studio One is a great app for music editing. It can hold a ton of tracks, has many amazing tools and virtual instruments you can use in your music to make it even better. The only con with Studio One is the pricing, it costs anywhere from $99 to $399. If you can afford it, it is a pretty reliable option. 

7. Cubase 

In terms of user experience, Cubase is a perfect platform for making music in the comfort of your own home. Though it has many wonderful features and a user-friendly interface, it doesn’t seem to get as much focus as most of the other ones on the list. Regardless of that, it is a must-try alternative for Logic Pro X. 


Using an emulator to get Logic Pro X on your Windows device is a risky and time-consuming process. Some emulators on the internet are malicious and can cause damage to the device. So, we suggest you pick one among the above alternatives and use them to make music on your computer.